Do you have the skills for nonprofit leadership?


Working for a nonprofit can be tremendously rewarding and fulfilling. It may also require skills not customarily employed in for-profit careers. At one time in my past, I was responsible for an $80-million business and almost 400 employees. At another point I managed a national sales force and a network of more than 50 food brokers.  I have experience managing multiple projects, motivating staff, exceeding revenue goals and making operations more efficient. But did all that translate to the skills needed to successfully run a nonprofit? As for-profit organizations leverage technology and enter into synergistic mergers and acquisitions to become more operationally efficient, their need for staff is reduced, so jobs are tougher to come by. At the same time, increased social needs have spurred the growth of nonprofits, and many boomers are flocking to work for them. “A Perfect Match? How Nonprofits Are Tapping into the Boomer Talent Pool,” a recent report by The Conference Board,...

Home safe home


My husband and I are in the planning stages of renovating our living quarters, including the downstairs bath, kitchen and living room. It dawned on me as we began our plans: 30 years ago, homes were designed for a person of average height who has perfect eyesight and hearing, can walk from one room to another with ease and has no trouble getting up or down. Considering the cost of remodels, my husband and I are hoping that our renovations will last us 20 years and maybe more. But once we age another 20 years and reach 75 (which seems young and spry), it’s not inconceivable that we may have physical limitations, especially when it comes to bending, stooping, stretching or reaching. Upon close inspection, our house is stylish and well-maintained, but it is a bit of an obstacle course. For example, the upper cupboard in the kitchen that holds frying pans and platters requires us to open the refrigerator doors to reach the contents. Additionally, when the kitchen pantry door is...