More than a thrift store

Woman-ShoppingSmallWe live in expensive times. As prices go up and up and up, even the normal discount stores are starting to feel a little pricey. For many basic household needs, savvy shoppers are turning more frequently to thrift shops. People shop at thrift stores for any number of reasons. Some are trying to stretch their budgets; others hope to find overlooked antiques and collectibles, while college kids look for retro fashions, and retirees seek out memories of past days. “Thrifting” is fun and it’s cheap—and it’s also a good deed, providing funds for various charities as well as keeping usable goods out of landfills and incinerators. Some thrift stores are run for profit, and knowing who sponsors the store might provide insight into what you’ll find there—or incentive to patronize specific stores. Contrary to popular belief, most thrift stores do not exist to provide cheap goods for the poor—they exist to raise money to support their organizations’ missions. Senior Concerns’ Bargain...