Reagan shares traits with boomers

ronald-reagan-pictureIt’s hard to generalize about 78 million people, but boomers do share some distinctive traits. As Ronald Reagan again made the news on the days leading up to his centennial celebration, it was a surprise to learn just how much this icon of the Greatest Generation had in common with the boomer generation. As a student of boomers, I was struck by the similarities and by the observation that Reagan illustrated some of the qualities that make up the largest generation in history. As a generation, boomers refuse to accept things the way they are and will change them, presumably for the better. Throughout their lives boomers have participated in tremendous changes in our society. Reagan challenged the status quo as a young boy: When a local inn would not allow black people to stay, he brought them back to his house where they spent the night. Later, as president, he signed the legislation for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Boomers have a strong work ethic. They transformed work in...