Condiments for Christmas

condimentsEach year during Thanksgiving weekend I put together my holiday shopping list. And each year my list gets a little shorter as some friends and family say, “Let’s forget the gift giving; please donate to a good cause on my behalf.” Not a bad idea, giving to those that really need it and where your gift can truly make a difference. If you’ve opened your mail in the last few weeks, it’s easy to see there are mountains of charities needing our help. For some, deciding which charity to contribute to is not a decision at all. Many people choose a certain one because it’s close to their heart. For example, if your father battled Parkinson’s or your sister survived breast cancer, you are more likely to contribute to charities that helped your family during such difficult trials. Sometimes nature helps make our decision. Recently my mother in-law lost her house in Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately she was in an assisted living facility at the time, but her house—built by her husband 50 years...

Holiday donations honor elderly loved ones

SCLogoIt’s a humbling experience to walk the halls of Senior Concerns during the holidays. Almost every day there is some act of kindness that catches your heart and makes you realize what a great community we live in. A few days ago a student group brought in a big batch of frozen cookie dough from a school fundraiser.  This generous and creative student group expanded their own fundraiser to support another organization in their own community. Anyone who donated to the fundraiser had the option to donate their dough to the Senior Concerns Meals on Wheels program. Last week a gentleman brought in a check for $500. At the holidays his church offers a donation to a charity making a difference in Ventura County. He explained to the front desk staff that his church’s gesture was especially moving to him because his wife had been a participant in Senior Concern’s Adult Day program for a number of years before her passing. Yesterday a member of the Westlake Rotary brought in a set of raffle...


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