What’s your life story telling you?

LifelineAfter 50-plus years, many of us have stories to tell—of achievements, losses, relationships and careers. Think of those experiences like ingredients in a recipe: They can each stand on their own, but when combined, they produce something different and unique. Up until age 50, most of us have been on what I call the roller coaster of life—education, dating, marriage, career and parenting— with little time to step off and reflect on where we’ve been. About this stage of our lives, after the kids are grown and we have a moment to be introspective, the process of discovering more about ourselves can take on greater focus. Empty nesters ask, “If I’m not Mom or Dad, who am I?” We raise the question, “If I’m not (insert job title here), what am I?” and some ask, “Who do I want to be?” Our life experiences tell a story about how we adapt to challenges and opportunities. By creating an integrated view of our life, we have a powerful tool to understand how we might approach the...